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Panoramic Viewpoints


Panoramic viewpoint in Saint-Malo Panoramic Viewpoint in East Hereford Panoramic viewpoint in Compton Panoramic viewpoint in Compton-Robert Road Panoramic Viewpoint in East Hereford,Christmas tree view Panoramic viewpoint in Stanhope


Our magnificent mountain region reveals beautiful landscapes! On the road, you will discover impressive panoramas to help you appreciate even more your stay with us! Among all our exceptional sites, we have identified a number of them, sharing our pride.



Each one of these panoramic viewpoint is GPS accessible in order to reach it easily.

See the map!

Download the .CSV file containing our panoramic viewpoints. You may then import* this file into your GPS receiver and have all our panoramic viewpoints with you, on the road.
You may also print all our panoramic viewpoints.

*Consult your GPS user manual for technical details concerning POI file import (Point of Interest)